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Mindful Interaction

Dream it ... Imagine it ... Believe it ... Action it ... Create it ... Live it



Embrace the god damn Goddess that is YOU

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I had full intentions of starting off the New Year feeling refreshed and motivated … but here I am feeling like total crap !!!

Coming off a run of night shifts I didn’t feel particularly sociable and so wasn’t really in the “party” mood. I declined several offers of New Years Eve celebrations, deciding that I needed to stay home, reflect, write and set some intentions. I really wanted to indulge in a quiet evening in the arms of a lover, but alas I neither got what I needed nor wanted …

Time with my family is always enjoyed, but I foolishly helped to gobble up the remaining Christmas treats and had a few too many whiskeys before the early firework display. Combined with not enough sleep and finally bringing in the New Year alone … well I’m sure you get the picture

My relationship with booze has been changing and my tolerance is low. So, I went to sleep feeling sad & sorry and woke feeling tired & weary

BUT … I dragged my sorrowful bum out of bed at 4am and took myself down to the beach in search for some INSPIRATION …

I wandered down onto the sand and started walking. Allowing my thoughts to flow in and feel whatever came out, without judgement …

… then I sat and mindfully became present by observing “What I could see”

… and I was INSPIRED !!!

I came home and reflected some more about my process …

The start of last year I was motivated and making some positive changes in my life. I finally felt like I was going to be successful on my weight loss journey. I finally believed that I was transforming myself …

I was following the Harcombe diet principles, gaining more energy, becoming more and more active and shedding the weight …

I was inspiring others to get up and get out …

… and I was feeling FANFOOKINTASTIC !!!

As my habits changed … so did I

“a woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life”




I got more FEARLESS

I decided that I was WORTHY of the kind of love that I gave

I decided to LOVE myself in the same way I have loved others

And even though it hurt … it was also liberating and empowering

But … then it all started to go down hill

I began to comfort myself more and more with food, which reduced my energy levels and activity …

“Old habits die hard”

The more hurts I acknowledge …

The more fears I confront …

The more truths I expose …

The more conscious I become …

The more cognitive dissonance I experience …

The more changes I need …

The more healing I want …

The more growth I do …

But, its not always pretty … it gets mighty MESSY !!!

Sharing my process of healing has been challenging because it has and is such a personal experience … but I believe there is power in our willingness to be vulnerable

So, as I stand more comfortably in my own truth, the more comfortable I begin to stand in my own skin

The process of weight loss in the past was about disliking what I see

It was about hating my body and not loving myself


I not only gaze upon my own body with less hatred …

I share my naked body with a lover, with less feelings of shame …

I feel brave enough to expose the woman beneath the clothes …

I am beginning to embrace the god damn Goddess that I am !!!

Yes … my body isn’t perfect

Yes … I am perfectly flawed

But the more I LOVE and ACCEPT who I am …

… the more lovingly I speak to myself and the better choices I make

Enjoy the process … that is YOUR journey


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Artemis energy

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The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka … “a map for empowering he feminine within”

The Goddesses explored our inner Medicine Woman last month, which Tanishka connects to our Throat chakra.

According to Greek mythology Artemis (a symbol of the moon) and her twin brother Apollo (a symbol of the sun) were hatched out of the cosmic world egg. Artemis was a warrior and huntress, with a fiery temper, who lived in the mountains, where she gained higher insights. She studied and imitated the wild creatures she cohabited with, using those skills to outsmart her enemies. Unleashing the Calydon Boar when angered or upset, but no man could ever kill it. However, a young heroine bravely stood her ground until the boar got close enough to spear it through the only vulnerable spot, the eye.

This being symbolic of how men are unable to appease a woman on the war path, because only another woman can truly understand the core wound, which is the cause of the problem.

I can totally relate to how other women are mirrors that either validate our strength or reflect our shadow. And I strongly believe that the more openly we talk about this, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand each other and the deeper we heal.

Although Artemis was destined not to marry and be forever “a woman unto herself” dedicating her life to the service of others, she did have many lovers, both male and female and she only ever loved one man (Orion), whom she accidently shot and killed during a target challenge set by her brother.

The moral of this story is “harmonious and sustainable union with our opposite is only possible when we connect with our receptive feminine energies rather than attack the masculine principle in a spirit of competition and war” and until we resolve our own wounds then we unconsciously react and wound others.

Hmmmmmm … she ponders

YES, this was yet another insightful and challenging energy center to explore.

Tanishka explains how often a catalyst such as separation, divorce or a death can initiate our inner Artemis into action. Because during such times we can have a strong desire to reclaim our independence, reconnect with ourselves and regain a new perspective. In reflection I recall my first experience with this energy center, which was the death of my Grandfather in 2000. This was my catalyst for change, which led to my divorce, my desire for personal and professional development and my pursuit for truth. And each time my heart has broken, I’ve experienced this energy a little more deeply.

I identified how all of my heart wounds were related to loss and change, which was of no great surprise. I also acknowledged that for the most part of 10 years I’ve preferred to have casual love affairs, which I explored a little further.

When I asked myself WHY ?

Universe blessed me with a TRIGGER that helped me to identify the underlying FEAR of loosing myself in relationship. This stemmed back to my very first intimate relationship with my husband and my first heart HURT in love.

Universe soon after blessed me with an EXPERIENCE that showed me the beauty of loosing ourselves in relationship. A recent family crisis provided me with an opportunity to witness how LOVE is so much stronger than the FEAR of loss.

It still blows my mind every time Universe responds to us

The THROAT chakra …

… is our COMMUNICATION center

As the communication center, this energy is not only responsible for communicating within ourselves (mind-body-spirit), its also responsible for communicating with other people (speaking our truths & actively listening to others). So you can appreciate how important an OPEN throat chakra is to our overall lived experience.

The throat chakra is the first higher spiritual chakra, which allows us to seek knowledge beyond the limitations of time, space, cultural and family conditioning. Its where we express our thoughts and feelings from our power center (solar plexus). Its important to note that the only way we can effectively express our authentic truth is to have energy flowing freely from all previous 4 chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus and heart)

Opening and balancing our 1st (root) and 2nd (sacral) chakra helps us to acknowledge and overcome any fear that blocks our energy flow. Opening and balancing our 3rd (solar plexus) chakra helps us to tap into our personal power and increases our confidence to express ourselves. Opening and balancing our 4th (heart) chakra helps us to know what is in our hearts, which then helps to open our 5th (throat) chakra and verbalize our needs, desires and opinions with more ease and more authentic truth.

Having more insight into what and how our energy centers are influenced, its easy to understand why many people don’t do the “inner work” because its time consuming and confronting. I can also appreciate why we sometimes stay silent or say what others want to hear, especially when our truth causes tension, discomfort and conflict.

Speaking our truth demands complete honesty, but authentic expression of our thoughts and feelings is often suppressed out of fear. We fear not being accepted and we fear being judged. However, when we choose not to communicate our truth, our inner tension and outer conflict increases, leading to feelings of stress, which many believe turns into dis-ease.

Some of the LESSONS of this energy center is to …

Take full responsibility to HEAL ourselves

Embrace time alone in SOLITUDE

Identify missing pieces of our psyche (conscious/unconscious mind)

BELIEVE that we are able to fulfill our own needs


Rely and TRUST in our own inner knowing

ALLOW others to care for us when needed

As I learn more and more about how my own energy centers function, block, open and flow, the more I understand how this supports us in flowing and creating with Universe, breathing life into our dreams and living the life we imagine. This gives me some serious goosy bump feel goods

Mindful interaction

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Demeter energy

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The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka … “a map for empowering he feminine within”

This month the Goddesses gathered in circle to talk about our Earth Mumma experience, which Tanishka refers to as Demeter, our ” Inner Earth Empress. ”

Its interesting how we each connect with different Goddess archetypes and why we resonate with the morals to those stories. I think its fair to say that we are all learning to better understand how our energy flow is influenced by our own thoughts and feelings about certain experiences. Tanishkas Goddess Makeover and our gatherings are proving to be a valuable tool and a great support in our own seasonal and transitional changes.

According to Greek mythology Demeter (Goddess of Harvest, Fertility and Agriculture) had a close and loving connection with her daughter Persephone. Demeter tended to the earth and taught her daughter all about the changing seasons and how to nurture those around her. At 15 yrs old, Persephone wanted to do what most teenagers want to do, spend less time with her Mother and more time exploring. One day, she wandered away from her friends and found herself in a little bit of trouble. She picked a narcissus flower, which opened up the earth for Hades (God of the Underworld).

Hades was the brother of Zeus (God of Sky and Thunder) and Zeus was the Father of Persephone, who had promised his daughter to his brother. Hades took Persephone back to the Underworld, claiming her as his wife. Demeter wild with rage by this act of betrayal, retreated into a state of dark despair, wandering the countryside for months looking for her daughter.

Crops began to die and famine would soon follow if Demeter refused to tend her duties. So Zeus bargained with his brother to return Persephone to her Mother because the survival of land, people and Gods themselves was threatened.

Although Hades agreed to release her, he offered Persephone a pomegranate seed before she left him, which stopped her from ever wanting to return back to her Mother permanently. So, she returned to her Mother only in Springtime, spending 6 months together when the flowers bloomed, which reflected her Mothers happiness. Then returning back to her husband as “Queen of the Underworld” when the first chills of Autumn came.

This chapter on our inner Earth Empress resonated strongly with me because its about how we transition from Maiden, Mother to Wise Woman and how we learn to accept the polarities of ourselves and life through our own seasonal changes. The moral of this story being, how we learn to embrace our child’s need to individuate from us and our need to release them so they can follow their own destiny. Our lesson as Mothers, to accept the experience of loss as being part of our ability to birth, create and nurture.

Do you hold onto your growing child and resist letting go … if so, why ?

Do you celebrate this transition and let go with ease … if so, why ?

Although many grown up children are choosing to live with their parents longer, for a variety of different reasons. Its inevitable as parents to eventually experience the “empty nest syndrome,” when our child chooses to leave the comfort and familiarity of our warm embrace. However, I feel its important to also note that a nest isn’t always empty because the child has left home. Sometimes the parent leaves the young child abandoned and other times the parent kicks the grown child out of the nest. And unfortunately some parents are confronted with the horror of loosing their child in death.

Regardless of how the nest becomes empty, we each experience the same sense of loss. Our feelings of grief will vary greatly, depending upon our own individual situation, circumstance, experience and beliefs, which influences the level of attachment and dependency we have with our child and how we then experience the loss. There is no right or wrong way to be a Mother because each Mother, child and experience is unique. As human beings we are beautiful complex creatures with so many contradictions. So, our relationships are just as wonderfully complex and are equally more challenging to understand.

There is so much in this chapter that I could share with you because the topic and content resonates on so many levels for so many reasons. Our inner Earth Empress connects with our own personal experience and transitions from Maiden, Mother to Wise Woman, which impacts upon our experience of both Mother and Daughter. Demeter offers insight into our relationship with self, others, Nature and Universe. Our Earth Mumma experience is connected strongly to our heart center, which is also our connection to the Source of creation, which has a huge impact on our energy flow.

The heart chakra is the energy center that moves LOVE through our lives. It is responsible for how freely love flows in and out of our heart space. When our hearts are OPEN and energy is flowing freely, we create safe, warm, loving and supportive environments. And we give love, kindness and compassion to others and ourselves. A BLOCKED heart chakra is experienced when we are not flowing with our emotions. When our hearts are hurting we repress uncomfortable emotions and shut down the flow of energy. We withdraw, feel disconnected and lonely. We lack empathy and the ability to forgive others and ourselves. When our heart chakra is UNBALANCED we are co-dependent, looking outward for acceptance or fulfillment. We experience feelings of jealousy and we judge others harshly.

Tanishka talks about the rise of the Dark Mother, who often emerges when a significant event triggers her (divorce, death, rejection, failure). A very interesting concept that I resonate strongly with having been confronted with her presence more than once. She is the shadow aspects of our nurturing self, who surfaces when we dont feel valued, respected or needed. The Dark Mother retreats inwards to focus on her own inner needs. A natural gestation period of depression that prepares her for the transition from Mother to Wise Woman. In this state of being we can feel angry, resentful and bitter, which can result in passive aggressive behaviour towards those we believe are responsible for our pain and discomfort.

We can see why this aspect of ourselves has been pushed aside, hidden and considered to be socially unacceptable. We can also appreciate how those dark moods and symptoms of depression can be misunderstood. Hence why teachings such as this are so very important to validate the experience of Motherhood in its entirety. Because the more love, understanding and support we offer each other during these natural seasonal and transitional changes, the more empowered we will be as women, which will have a positive impact upon ALL of our relationships.

So … HOW do we balance our heart chakra ?

With intentions to OPEN up our hearts, to give and receive love and to heal our hurts. By flowing with our emotions and observing our thoughts. Being honest about how we truly feel because its part of the healing process.

Repressed or suppressed emotions stay in our bodies and become toxic. They distort our thinking, feed our fears, keep us stuck in our suffering, increase our risk of illness and can create dis-ease. When it comes to our emotions, it doesn’t matter if we say it, write it, talk about it, walk with it, reflect over it or create with it … What matters most is that we EXPRESS it

Accepting what is and letting go of what was allows LOVE to flow freely

Maintaining good energy flow and balance in our chakras is just as important to our health and well being, as following a nutritional diet and daily exercise. And the more I look into and learn about my own chakras, the more I can see how my choices are impacted by these energy centers.

I pose the question …

What do YOU do when you suffer from persistent headaches ?

We either choose to seek out a quick fix and take a panadol (OR) we make the necessary lifestyle changes that reduces the occurrence of headaches in the first place. By drinking more water, reducing caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake. Changing our diet. Reducing stress. Meditating. Improving sleep, etc.

Maintaining our energy flow is all about our choices

We can either continue to experience blocked and unbalanced energy flow (OR) we can seek out Reiki Masters to help balance our centers for us (OR) we can empower ourselves by looking inwards, digging deeper and identifying the thought, emotion or belief that blocks the energy flow.


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Athena energy

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The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka … “a map for empowering he feminine within”

Last month at our Goddess book club gathering, Tanishka introduced us to our inner Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War, governed by our Solar Plexus

Stepping into our own Personal Power

According to Greek mythology Athena was the daughter of Zeus (God of Sky and Thunder) and Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom). Zeus swallowed his pregnant wife whole because he feared that his child would be wiser than himself. Athena, determined to full fill her destiny was born from her Fathers head. This is symbolic of our need to individuate from our Dads influence and to question any thoughts that keep us confined to his world view

Athena energy is the part of us that wont shy away from a challenge

Career focused, she is driven towards achieving success and will fight for just cause and purpose. She is the part of us who listens to her head more than her heart, which often causes some tension and conflict with our Aphrodite energy, who is governed by her heart

“To become truly wise we must experience both success and failure. Because vulnerability provokes reflection and life changes”

For me, this is another chapter rich in self discovery, reinforcing some of the inner work Ive been doing for some time now. Ive already explored who has and does influence my beliefs around self worth, relationships, work and money. So acknowledging the individuation process from our Fathers influence had a profound effect on my experience

Ive learned that when my own inner masculine energy hasn’t been acknowledged or balanced, I have sought out male attention and company, instead of focusing on balancing my own energy. Ive learned that when I have done this, I have made choices and selected mates based on my inability to fulfill my own needs, which has created unhealthy attachments that have lead towards the formation of codependent relationships. This is why I have lost the sense of myself and this is how I have created experiences full of tension and conflict

Hmmmmm … she ponders

Some ugly truths confronted but a huge and very significant lesson to learn

As women, our relationship with our Father has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves, the choice of mate we select and how we think about work and money. Lets be clear, I am in no way suggesting that our Father is responsible for any experiences we have, whether they are good or bad. I am only pointing out how his presence or lack there of, has an influence on our lives

How does our mind belong to our Dad ?

How physically/emotionally present was our Dad during childhood ?

What limiting beliefs do we have around self worth, work and money ?

What is our greatest fear of failure ?

What is our Dads life lesson ?

How have we internalized this and are trying to complete it for him ?

Although I have my own opinions, I’m looking forward to asking my Dad these questions directly and having a conversation with him about it. Fortunately my Dad thrives on anything that’s likely to spark off a good debate

I was brought up in a middle class family. My Father was and still is a hard working man who takes his responsibilities very seriously. Ive acknowledged some limiting beliefs around money that is changing how I think and feel about work. I’m learning that the only way to live a life of abundance is to believe that we are worthy of having it. This shift in perception has been the catalyst for some big changes in my life, which has and is literally opening up my world to other opportunities and possibilities

I have finally stepped into the ACTION part of one of my manifesting quotes

DREAM it .. IMAGINE it .. BELIEVE it .. ACTION it .. CREATE it .. LIVE it

According to Tanishka, our inner Goddess of Wisdom and War is governed by our Solar Plexus, which is located in the abdomen

This is the core of our personality, identity and ego

Our energy center, where we seek out a mental understanding of our emotional self and its where we balance our mind, our heart and our instinct

This chakra influences our will power, confidence, self discipline and self esteem

This is where we literally plug in to our own sense of POWER

This is where energy is transformed into ACTION

When we are REACTIVE our solar plexus is imbalanced

When we are INACTIVE our solar plexus is blocked

When we are PROACTIVE our solar plexus is open and energy is flowing

If you want to gauge how your PERSONAL POWER is then ask yourself …

Do you choose love, light and healing ?

Do you accept that you have the power to change ?

Do you feel a sense of freedom when you make a choice ?

SELF LOVE is at the core of this and every other chakra energy

Self love, self acceptance, self awareness and self worth are the building blocks of this energy center, which helps us to meet our challenges and move forward

When our solar plexus is open and balanced we value ourselves and the work we do. We are confident in our ability to do something. We are willing to express ourselves. We know that we have the freedom to choose and we become the director of our own life

“We have the power to choose to live our purpose (or) live out the karma from past experiences” … the choice is always ours to make

The lessons of this energy is to balance our strengths and shadow traits

Some of those lessons being ….

To recognize that our self worth is dependent upon our inner sense of being

To balance productivity & reflection to succeed both personally & professionally

To mentor those younger and less skilled without fearing they will out shine us

To trust that our intuition is our own sense of power and authority

To fully appreciate our Dads gifts and flaws and own them in ourselves

To validate our emotions by expressing them, instead of rationalizing them

To use money wisely to cover our needs before our wants

To not resent the success of others, but see it as a mirror of whats possible for us


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Aphrodite energy

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This month the Goddesses worked through the chapter on Aphrodite, our inner beautiful muse. Tanishka led us through our experience with our own Aphrodite energy and then we gathered in circle to discuss it with each other

According to the stories carried down from history, Aphrodite was born from domestic conflict. Her Fathers castrated genitals were thrown out to sea, which produced a white foam that she arose from as a fully grown beautiful woman. The townsfolk married her off to Hephaestus (a humble blacksmith with a crippling disability), who was unable to satisfy Aphrodite’s appetites, so she had passionate affairs with other men

Eventually leaving Hephaestus, she had 2 children with Ares (the God of war). And later had a 3rd child with Hermes (the God of wisdom). The 3rd child was a hermaphrodite (with both male and female sexual organs), which is said to be symbolic of her healed and whole emotional state

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, desire and pleasure. She is our inner beautiful muse who is driven by a strong need to heal any childhood wounds, though coupling with her opposite

We dont need to look far to see her presence within our world

Fortunately we are learning how the Barbie dolls we buy for our little girls reinforces an unrealistic expectation of beauty and body image. We are also learning how the beauty and fashion industries have impacted negatively upon the self esteem and self worth of women

The main lesson of this energy is SELF LOVE

Our inner beautiful muse teaches us how …

To appreciate our own unique beauty

To clarify romantic intentions and admit our flirtatiousness, to avoid hurt

How to free ourselves from destructive attachments with those unable to love us

To acknowledge we can only love another as much as we love ourselves

To not seek out prince charming who rescues us from our unhappiness

To own our inner victim and strengthen our ability to meet our own needs, instead of seeking out men to “rescue” us, which creates unwanted karma drama

To take steps to heal our deep emotional wounds

To practice compassion for self and others, regardless of imperfections

To tap into our senses to fully appreciate the experience of pleasure

She challenges us to experience transcendent love without needing the “other” to act as a catalyst, which avoids creating dependent relationships formed from unhealthy attachments

Aphrodite influences our SEXUAL and our CREATIVE energy

According to Tanishka this energy vibrates within our SACRAL CHAKRA, which is located in our pelvis. This is our inner child and pleasure center, where we experience our world through feelings and sensations

This energy is full of EMOTION because its our heart space of FEELING, which influences our creative abilities and our intimate relationships

Many of our challenges in this chakra is related to our social conditioning

Living in a Western culture, feelings are not valued as much as a rational mind. We have been taught to trust the logical process of thought more than our hearts

Our passion and emotional reactions are often frowned upon. We have been taught to not loose control and so we become more and more disconnected from our bodies and from our feelings. Instead of feeling our experiences fully as they happen, we learn destructive psychological self defense mechanisms

We avoid, deny, suppress, regress, act out, repress, dissociate, compartmentalize, displace, project, intellectualize, rationalize and compensate

Fortunately, as our inner wild woman AWAKENS (Lilith) she teaches us how to RECONNECT

Living in a Western culture we are surrounded by SEX because it SELLS !!!

Yet on the other hand we are also challenged with cultural shaming around sexual issues, which results in blocked or excessive energy in this area

As a highly sexual and creative woman I was VERY challenged by this chapter

I confront multiple lessons as my relationship with SELF changes

I continue to experience lots of conflicts and challenges within my intimate relationships, as I consciously focus on my own healing, change, personal development and spiritual growth

The first time I attempted to work through this chapter, I resisted because I was still in the midst of a heavy heart hurt. I had ended a relationship with a man the previous year and during the healing process was unexpectedly reconnected with an old love (for a 3rd time). A man who came back into my life with the same complications, who ultimately broke my heart open again

During this heartbreak I choose a lover who kept my heart open, who was the catalyst for some deeper healing, to whom I’m very grateful for

But oh yes, my love life was in a bit of a mess !!!

Something that obviously needed to be addressed sooner rather than later

love life funnie

Sometimes I do wonder �� hahahaha

With far too many messy thoughts to process and far too many heavy emotions to release, I tentatively retreated and hit ….. PAUSE

So, I will be completely honest with you, I wasn’t really looking forward to getting back into this chapter because I knew it was going to be challenging

Our right to FEEL and our intimacy NEEDS will surface around this energy

Our biggest challenge being our experience of GUILT

Universe blessed me with several opportunities to fully explore and experience this energy, which all became a tad overwhelming, especially towards the end as I juggled other life challenges, transitions and changes

In typical Aphrodite style this energy kept rising as more thoughts became conscious, more patterns became obvious, more emotions were released and more energy was shifted, until it reached a very impressive climaxual conclusion

My perfect storm

The biggest learning for me was ….

Full ACCEPTANCE of emotion, is related to our ability to fully experience the HURT of heartbreak and ALLOW it to break us completely OPEN to love

Full RELEASE of the hurt, is related to our ability to fully overcome our FEAR of being abandoned by another

SELF LOVE then is our ability to release any hurts and overcome any fears that prevent us from FULLY loving ourselves

Sometimes we can love others so much that ultimately we abandon ourselves

Over the years Ive often loved and cared for others more than myself, especially within my role as mother, wife, lover and nurse. Often prioritizing the needs of others above my own. Even now, at times I still struggle with this internal conflict whenever I choose ME first. Each time I chose myself experiences of guilt and shame surface because I feel less than the person they want and/or need me to be

But each time I prioritize the needs of others over my own, I unconsciously say to myself that someone else matters more than I do

Choices that hurt and cause wounds on a personal, cultural and collective level

Granted while our children are young their needs often do come before our own and the needs of our partner are to be considered


As our children grow and mature shouldn’t they learn how to become more responsible for their own needs ?

And wouldn’t our relationships flourish more if our partners didn’t rely and depend upon us to meet their needs ?

The process of healing involves acknowledging our wounds, releasing the emotion held in our bodies and then we can begin to experience that wonderful whirly, whizzing orange glow of energy as it flows more freely

Am I totally OPEN and HEALED from all my past choices in love ?

Am I LOVING myself enough ?

Am I completely OPEN to receive the kind of soulful love I seek ?

Only time will answer those question because when it comes to LOVE its all about our every day choices

But I strongly believe that the more self loving we are, the more loving we become. Our service to others then comes from a more stable grounding, which will have many more positive and long term effects

Oh YES … I am enjoying learning more about how energy is blocked and released ��


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Lilith energy

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The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka … “a map for empowering he feminine within”

In the first chapter of Tanishkas “The Inner Goddess Makeover” we are introduced to Lilith, our inner wild woman. I was raised as a “good” Christian child who had a pretty close relationship with the Church of England growing up. I was christened, confirmed, went to Sunday school and was even in the Church choir (dont laugh). So, the first time I heard the story of Lilith I felt a multitude of emotions, the loudest being anger, sadness and frustration. Acknowledging and RELEASING these emotions was the beginning of my heart healing and my first up close and personal experience with Lilith energy

So … what is the story of Lilith ?

According to Hebrew mythology Lilith was the 1st wife of Adam, who refused to lay beneath him in sexual intercourse because she would not kneel to his demands for male dominance. She fled, refused to come back, was cursed by “God” who then created a more subservient and submissive Eve for Adam. Lilith returned to the Garden of Eden (the evil ex wife) with new insights and knowledge that she wanted to share with Eve. We better know Lilith as being the serpent who offered the apple “knowledge” to Eve

Hmmmmm … she ponders

Some say that the story of Adam and Eve was actually the beginning of the patriarchal system, which kinda makes sense. Perhaps this explains why Lilith has been demonized over the years ?

What if her disobedience and promiscuity threatened this system ?

Hmmmmm … she ponders

Its not just our own individual stories that impact upon our experiences

ALL of our stories from the past continue to influence the present and help to shape our future … so I believe that this is a story well worth knowing

As a culture we are GROWING and forever CHANGING because of our stories

Our EVOLUTION depends upon it

But, we no longer seek to follow a matriarchal or a patriarchal system

We seek BALANCE and EQUALITY between the two

And I believe that we can CREATE this by learning from our past

The first time I worked though the wild woman chapter I had to work through a lot of my own crap that was getting in my own way … the superficial BULLSHIT that deterred me away from the deeper truths that sat in dark corners

All those wonderful little gems waiting to be found

Treasures that unleashed MORE emotion, MORE thoughts, MORE questions

I was ANGRY as fuck for being misled and suppressed by a patriarchal system. Led to believe that the creation of our wonderful world began with the story of Adam and Eve

But, seriously … have any of us really believed that as TRUTH ?

I’m not saying that I dont believe in a Higher Power of Creation … because I DO

I’m not saying that Ive blindly followed the masses … because I haven’t

I’m only expressing my belief that ALL of our sacred scriptures are stories that share a version of truth, not THE ultimate truth to be swallowed up as being gospel … I believe that this is one of the biggest downfalls of religion

I was ANGRY as fuck for all the BULLSHIT women have had to go through over the years to get us to this point in time, which triggered off some deeper emotions on a collective level. A profound sense of connection to our ancestors before us who were persecuted as witches and beaten into submission. Those brave souls who refused to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP and instead STOOD UP and SHOUTED OUT !!!

If it wasn’t for them then WE as women wouldn’t be able to EMBRACE the GODDESS

So … from my heart to yours I THANK YOU

Working through the “Lilith” chapter wasn’t all that pleasant the first time around for me because I unleashed so much emotion during my own personal acknowledgments, which had my energy in a frenzy for several months. Keeping an open mind and heart wasn’t always so easy while I was sitting with those horrid hurts and fucked up fears, but something kept telling me to …

“STAY OPEN in any which way you can”

So I did … with my French lover

But I’m pleased to say that my experience has been VERY different the second time around. After staying OPEN and releasing the emotions attached to this energy, Ive been able to tap into the source of Lilith and my own sacred space … for want of a better word ☺

This leads me to introduce you to CHAKRA (wheels of light)

According to C. G Jung they are “The Gateways of Consciousness”

“The 7 main chakras lie along the nave of the spine and through them a persons spirit and soul become receptive and communicate with cosmic energies. Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection. Balancing the chakras and making them receptive to the Divine Universe is not only beneficial to our well being but also the only way of uniting the Individual soul with the soul of the Universe”

According to Tanishka our Lilith energy is strongly connected to our ROOT chakra, which is SURVIVAL based (instinct) and is the very FOUNDATION of who we are. It links us to our physical world and defines our concept of BEING

When this chakra is blocked we have an inability to trust. We focus on material possessions and we either have a strong need to satisfy or deny our desires

When BALANCED and in HARMONY we experience a profound CONNECTION to nature. We TRUST and have a deep understanding and appreciation for the EBB and FLOW

Our root chakra is located between our genitals and anus, which explains why my sexual energy has been whirling like a whiz. An interesting space to find myself while abstaining from sex because my sexual frustrations seem to be transforming into something else … something NEW

“Lilith INSISTS that we feel through, let go and surrender to something essential and transparent in us that is the bedrock of the soul” (M . Kelley Hunter)

Hmmmmm … you betcha she does

Gathering in circle with other women to share our individual experiences with Lilith energy has been a wonderful part of this process

Some are a little reluctant to fully open up as yet, so are tentatively dipping their toes into the chapter, the circle and themselves. Some are sitting with uncomfortable realizations, so are in the midst of conflict and tensions. Some are throwing themselves into the depth of the process, digging for those unknown treasures and secrets that await to be found in the darkness and we ALL move in between and across those spaces, depending upon what surfaces for us

But regardless of walking different paths, having had different experiences, facing different challenges, sitting with different discomforts, confronting different tensions, healing different hurts and overcoming different fears …

We are ALL opening up to NEW experiences

Ive always known that there is so much MORE to life and this journey INWARDS is bringing me closer to what I seek. For me I wrap up this first chapter with a deep sense of appreciation for both Eve and Lilith. I express GRATITUDE for both energies within myself because they each hold value and important links to our past, present and future

I believe that SOCIAL MEDIA is a platform for CHANGE, which is why I choose to SHARE my process with you

I believe that one person has the ability to CREATE the flow of energy for others

I believe that we INSPIRE and SUPPORT others to OPEN and HEAL when we DO

I believe that this is only the BEGINNING of something EXTRAORDINARY

For me the EMBODIMENT of Lilith energy is about our autonomy, sexual equality and the beginning of our destined journey of CONSCIOUSNESS 

Do YOU want to tap into YOUR Lilith energy ?

Then do ALL you can to stay OPEN in mind, body and spirit

STAND in and EXPRESS your truth


Tap into ALL of your SENSES

Unleash your WILD WOMAN in the way that feels right for YOU

EXPERIMENT with and EXPLORE this energy

Because it WILL change YOUR life

As we know MEDITATION takes on many forms and for me DANCING to tribal music has been helping me to channel my Lilith energy almost instantly

Oh yes …. those wonderful whirly whizzing red vibrations ☺

So empty the house of people, BE ALONE, draw the curtains, light the candles, play this music, close your eyes, feel the sounds, rip off your clothes, sway your hips and let the mood carry you away to wherever it wants to take you

I invite YOU to liberate yourself☺

❤ ❤ ❤ … ENJOY … ❤ ❤ ❤

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Why are women gathering in circles ?

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This blog is all about sharing my own personal experience with the process of CHANGE

So, I feel its important to talk about a very personal journey I’m currently on

Being a moon gazer and seeking to flow better with my menstrual cycle, the universe connected me with Tanishka “The Moon Woman.” A woman who has been empowering women for over 20 years by reawakening us to those wonderful lost ancient traditions of Woman Wisdom

During her online “Red Tent” course I was introduced to the “Goddess Makeover”, which I began to work through alone. But after experiencing some profound shifts within myself, I decided to share the journey because I knew that the experience would be richer within a circle of women. And this is how our Goddess Gatherings have come about

Tanishka introduces us to 7 Goddesses, who she believes best represent our 7 main energy centers (chakra). She takes us through a 7 step program towards experiencing the true power of our feminine essence

“Unlike the quick fix exterior makeovers that fade when you take a shower, this insightful and life affirming journey of self discovery will empower your feminine sense of self for a life time”

Hence why it tickled my interest

But you know what, women have ALWAYS gathered in circles, they’ve just taken on different forms over the years

How many Tupperware parties have you been invited to ?

Come on ladies, were they really about the plastic containers ?

Women are intuitively guided to gather together because sharing and supporting each other kinda comes naturally for most of us. But dont you think its kinda odd that things like Tupperware, lingerie and makeup parties relate to being a “good wife” who is gathering stocks for her kitchen and finding ways to better stimulate and satisfy her husband by “looking good”

Hmmmmmmm … she ponders

Thank fuck for those sexually liberated friends sending out invitations to sex toy parties and Goddess gatherings. Those of us who seek to empower women to be ALL they can be, instead of confining ourselves to those patriarchal “good” boxes

My gatherings with women have always included family and friends. So I was thrilled when my Mam, both sisters and a few friends showed interest in this Goddess makeover because I knew it would bring a more personal sense of meaning and purpose to our circles … and it IS ☺

What I love most about Tanishkas 7 step program is how she guides us towards our own individual stories, which we then share in circle. Our gatherings are focusing on how old stories from our past have shaped and influence our experiences. This helps us to identify any tensions and conflicts that are holding us back or limiting us. Those things that are blocking our flow of energy and preventing us from living our truest potential

My role as facilitator is to provide the space, resources and tools to experience and support our personal journey of discovery, that we each move through at home at our own pace. I strive to encourage each woman to step out of her comfort zone, where she begins to tap into her own creative power, which she also shares in circle

The circle itself then takes on a power all of its own

It becomes a circle of transformation

A sacred space where we are all supported and nurtured during our process of healing and growth, which is why … “Each time women gather in circles with one another the world heals a little more”


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