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Mindful Interaction

Dream it ... Imagine it ... Believe it ... Action it ... Create it ... Live it



Be OPEN to the possibilities

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Changes to my daily routine and recent events has been shifting my energy and emotions around. Some of it good and some of it … not so good

With the lead up to new moon and my menstrual cycle Ive been feeling a little unsettled and very teary. So, today I meditated on it and 2 things surfaced …

The word OPENNESS and an image of a conflicted heart came to mind

Hmmmmmmm ?

It made me think about how each and every experience in life can serve as an opportunity to bring us more love and light. About how our “negative” experiences are also gifts. Because when we start to explore those things that hurt our hearts, we will generally find that its our thoughts and understandings about the experience that hold onto the pain and suffering. The resistance to LET GO being the main cause of our hurt

Once we let go we are more open to new experiences, which brings CHANGE

Change being something that can stir up our fears because being open also means being more vulnerable. A feeling that leaves us open to so many things that can hurt. The main reason why many people choose the comforts of familiarity and the security of routine, instead of standing in their truth, following their hearts and stepping out into the unknown. Into a place of uncertainty that can cause us discomfort

Alas, not everyone is ready to hear the truth … let alone LIVE it

Openness isn’t for everyone all of the time. As hard as it is to believe, even I hold back sometimes. There are parts of ourselves that we only share with those we trust, within our inner circles of support because we have experienced the judgements, the ridicule, the criticism, the betrayal and the misunderstandings

But before standing in a place of judgment or before choosing to engage in mindless gossip about someone elses choices, please remember that …

” Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future “

Both positive and negative aspects of self exists in ALL of us

Until we are able to fully accept and love both shadow and light parts of ourselves and embrace ALL that makes us whole, we are unable to completely accept and love both light and shadow in others

I have a great appreciation for those who openly share their messy thoughts instead of hiding behind false truths. I admire those who seek the lesson from their mistakes. I value those who are willing to hurt with truth rather than comfort with lies. I cherish those who continue to believe in love no matter how many times their hearts have been broken. I fall in love with those who are brave enough to share ALL of who they are so they can become ALL they can be

My motto is … appreciate everything and regret nothing because in the end we only ever regret the chances that we didn’t take

Be OPEN to the possibility of MORE


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